ELB logoElb-Schliff and aba Grinding Technologies are both members of AUTANIA AG, a group of machine tool manufacturers with technology oriented solutions for complete multifunctional processing of complex components, surface and profile grinding and metal forming technologies.

ELB-Schliff Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH has been producing surface and profile grinding machines for over 60 years in Babenhausen (Hessen), Germany.

Today’s product line includes surface, profile and creep-feed grinding machines as well as a wide range of highly efficient production systems. Based on the decades of ELB-Schliff’s experience, there is hardly a grinding problem which has not already been solved.

BG: Traveling table / column machine for broaches

Broach GrindingBenefit Overview

  • High-precision profile machine for tool and mold industry
  • Good cost-performance ratio
  • Flexible process guidance
  • Robust design
  • Easy to program

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BGS: Broach Sharpening

Broach SharpeningBenefit Overview

  • Efficient and economic sharpening of broaching tools
  • Quick setup times when switching between circular and flat broaches
  • Easy to program through parameter input
  • Measuring probes to collect raw parts
  • Measuring probes to quickly and easily gather the tools geometry for resharpening

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ecoLine: Speed grinding with linear drive technology

EcolineBenefit Overview

  • Wear resistant and quiet linear drive
  • Table velocity up to 60 m/min
  • High acceleration and deceleration of main axis
  • Large grinding width
  • Large variety of available options

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gantryLine: Precise and flexible processing of large work pieces

Gantry LineBenefit Overview

  • Highest precision through gantry design
  • High thermal stability
  • Modular design
  • Modern table drive system
  • Multi-axes operation

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gantryLine SLM: High-precision grinding of long work pieces

Gantry Line SLMBenefit Overview

  • X-axis with linear motor (60 m/min, no wear, quiet)
  • High acceleration and deceleration of main axes
  • High spindle power
  • Various roll dressing units possible
  • Flexible process guidance

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microCut: Compact solution for creep-feed grinding

Micro CutBenefit Overview

  • Compact machine design
  • High rate of material removal
  • High long-term precision
  • Ideal for cell layout
  • Optional index table for loading/ unloading during grinding
  • Automatic tool changer

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millGrind: Multiple Technology Solution in one Set-Up

Mill GrindBenefit Overview

  • Multiple Technology Solution in one Set-Up ­
  • Automatic Tool and Diamond Roll ­
  • Quick Change Over Time < 8 Sec. ­
  • High Stock Removal Rate due to Continuous Dressing Capability ­
  • Good Cost-Performance Ratio ­
  • 2- or 3-Axes Rotary Tilt Tables as Option ­
  • Automatic Workpiece Changing as Option

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multiLine: Robust and economical

Multi LineBenefit Overview

  • Large cross reach
  • Grinding spindle with pre-loaded precision bearings
  • Very high table load capacity
  • Large variety of options available
  • Automatic tool changer

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powerLine: Robust and economical

Power LineBenefit Overview

  • Spindle power up to 105 kW
  • Grinding spindle with pre-loaded precision bearings
  • Capable to handle very high table loads
  • Large variety of options available

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rotary: Economical grinding of small work pieces

Rotary HBenefit Overview

  • Compact and robust machine design
  • High productivity through continuous contact between wheel and work piece
  • High long-term precision
  • Precision rotary table
  • Easy to operate

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smartLine Kombi: The new standard in precision grinding

Smartline BasicBenefit Overview

  • Good cost-performance ratio
  • High-powered spindle
  • Roll dressing unit on spindle head
  • Flexible process guidance
  • Multi-axes machining
  • Automatic tool changer

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